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Welcome to JCO Racing Designs!
If this is your first time here, or you just need to learn what all this is about, this is the page to see!

First off, this website contains downloads for the computer game NASCAR Racing 2003 Season by Papyrus Racing.
These downloads are currently split into 6 categories:

 - Cars
 - Logos
 - Numbers
 - Templates
 - Paint Bases
 - Driver Signatures

and KaseyKahneGo9 posts his downloads in many different file formats. Different formats for different painters!
But remember, the multi-format feature is only provided by KaseyKahneGo9, the formats with red astericks are by all JCO staff.

Most NR2003 websites make complete cars for those to just download and race. We are no exception, having most of our downloads be these cars.
We group the cars according to mod, and then by real or fictional, and so on.
These downloads can come in up to 4 different file formats, although many come in only 2, which are

*TGA File - This file goes into the game's "exports_imports" folder, and can be imported on a car through the Opponent Manager ingame.
TGA ZIP File - This is simply a compressed version of the TGA file for faster downloading.

The other two formats are as follows:

*CAR File - This file goes into the "cars" folder of the respective mod it is for, and it is automatically put into the game.
CAR ZIP File - This is also only a compressed version, but with the CAR file.

For many NR2003 painters, finding the logo is a very hard ordeal to go through. We hope to make your logo search easier, hosting many logos, with each one in many different file formats. These formats include:

*PSD (Photoshop) - This is the most common type of file format for NR2003 painters, since it is universal among many image editors.
PSP (Paint Shop Pro) - This is also a common file type of painters, but it isn't as compatible with image editors.
XCF (GIMP) - This file format is made exclusively for the GIMP GNU Image Manipulator. This is compatible only with GIMP and with some other image editors.
PDN (Paint.NET) - This format is for those who use Paint.NET to make their cars. This file works for only Paint.NET
JPG (MS Paint) - This format is for the daring (or unequipped) that paint cars using Microsoft Paint. This format works on almost any image editor.
EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) - This format is only available for logos posted after March 26th
. This format 
allows the logo to be as large as needed, but is only a flat image. This format works with some editors.
ZIP (ZIP Archive) - This format provides a compressed version of all 6 file formats (5 for older files).

Below is a table clarifying the compatibility of certain file formats with image editors.

Paint Shop ProYesYesNoNoYesYes
Microsoft PaintNoNoNoNoYesNo
* Plugin is necessary

All cars that are to make their way into the game need a number. Along with logos, we provide a large variety of numbers featured from many different areas of the racing world.
*See logos for file formats

All painters need a template to make their car off of. Although we don't have any exclusive templates yet, 

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